The Role of Japan-India Security Cooperation under the New Security Framework


  • Saturo Nagao Visiting Fellow at Hudson Institute, Washington D.C.



Japan-India Security cooperation, US_CHina power balance, Indo-Pacific region


In recent times Japan and India are moving closer in the area of security. The rise of China, US strategic withdrawal from the Indian Ocean and Japan‟s increasing profile in the Asia-pacific region have contributed towards Japan‟s strong security partnership with India. In this regard this article analyses the three following questions: (1) What are the security activities that Japan has undertaken? (2) Why has Japan tried to share more security burden? (3) What can Japan-India cooperation do? Currently, Japan has enhanced its security cooperation with other US allies and friendly countries including Southeast Asian countries taking the US-China power balance into consideration. The changing security situation has pushed Japan to reconsider its security priorities. There is much scope for Japan and India to cooperate by using the linkage of East China Sea and Indo-China Border, share the burden of maritime security in the Indian Ocean region and collaborate to support countries around China in the South China Sea.


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