Digital World: Threats to Security and the Scope for South-South Cooperation


  • Cherian Samuel Manohar Parikkar Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, India



Digital threats, Cybersecurity, UNGGE, Paris Call, South- south co-operation, Malware


Technological advances have had a tremendous impact on the development of economy and society in the twenty-first century albeit with several security threats as well which are yet to be regulated. Many factors contribute to digital threats, making countries vulnerable and insecure, ranging from a large number of users, the intrinsic lack of security architecture, and the global nature of cyberspace. Whilst much of the focus is on confidence-building to facilitate international co- operation to facilitate rules-of-the-road, capacity building is equally important, though not receiving adequate attention because of the focus on great power politics. For developing countries, there is a need to ramp up capacities to deal with cyber threats. There is much scope for South-South cooperation in this regard since many developing countries, including India, possess advanced digital capabilities.


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