COVID-19 and its Impact on Terrorism


  • Shreya Upadhyay Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bangalore, India



Terrorism, Covid-19, Right-Wing Terrorism, ISIS, Terrorist Organizations


The impact of Covid-19 in the global sphere has been profound. The world is battling questions around public health, economy, politics and society. As such, violent ideologies such as terrorism and extremism, have called for expansion. In 2020, terrorist activities have suffered a slowdown globally leading to a flattened curve. Despite that, the United Nations have warned that the pandemic poses a significant threat to the safety, health, and wellbeing of societies and communities around the world. Several reports have warned about violent groups viewing the pandemic as an opportunity for expansion. It is in this context that the paper will look at the social and economic fallout of the pandemic and its effects on terrorism, the current trends concerning extremist and terrorist activities and how the extremist or the terrorist groups have been exploiting the pandemic and its consequent government responses.


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