"Effectiveness of Diagnosis Based Remediation on Attainment of MLL in Mathematics among V Standard Students "


  • Prakash K
  • Premalatha Sharma




Present study is aimed to assess the effectiveness of diagnosis-based remediation programme in improving the proportionate of students mastering each competency (percentage of competency mastered) by the group of V standard students in the selected (experimental) schools of Shimoga District. A total of 100 students of 4 government primary schools from Shimoga district constituted the sample for the study, of which 50 were boys and remaining 50 were girls. They were selected from both urban and rural areas of Shimoga district. This is an experimental study with pre and post test design. Among the selected100 non-mastered students, 50 were non masters and they formed control group and remaining 50 constituted the experimental group. After 2 months of intervention for the experimental group, the investigator conducted post test for both controlled and experimental groups. The controlled group students were attending regular classes whereas students from experimental group were attending the intervention class outside the class room which was taken by the investigator himself. MLL based test developed by Kashinath (2005) was adapted and used for assessing selected MLL competencies, which had 7 competencies was administered on the students selected 4 government primary schools of Shimoga district. The results showed that experimental group had gained significantly higher competencies in total scores than the control group. Further, male students of experimental group had substantial gain compared to all other groups.