Local Community Involvement in Tourism: A Content Analysis of Websites of Wildlife Resorts


  • Nagarjuna G




Over the years, views on tourism have changed from pleasure seeking activity to a mere economic activity. Today, tourism is the major source of income and economic activity for developing countries. It generates employment, foreign exchange earnings, and also supports in development of infrastructure of the destination. Tourism may also have potential in addressing socio economic issues through sustainable tourism development. Local community participation in tourism activities has also become one of the major principles of sustainable tourism. Tourism is a people oriented industry and its major functions depend on human resources. Tourism is a major source of employment and it has all the capabilities in contributing towards the livelihood of the local community by providing employment and involving them in all kinds of tourism activities. The major objective of the study is to find out how local communities are involved in various activities and practices adopted by resorts for the development of the local community. The scope of the study is confined to wildlife resorts. Percentage analysis is used to analyze the data.