COVID-19 through the Science Glass


Total Covid-19 infections in India is reaching 900K whereas the number of cases worldwide is 13M as of today.
Human beings are on high alert. Staying alone and staying safe are the priorities all over the world as it is not yet known when a vaccine is invented.

Researchers all over the world have shown mixed reactions towards this huge threat to human existence. However, the scientific world is trying to come into terms with small and large research in this unique situation.

Mapana Journal of Sciences invites manuscripts associated with various aspects of COVID-19 . Fast-track review process and quick online publications are assured.

Researchers may submit

  • Research Articles
  • Reviews
  • Reports
  • Data Sets
  • Case Studies
  • Short Communication
  • Perspective
  • Mini Review
  • Opinion
  • Commentary coming under the following topics or any other related areas.
  • Mathematics of the Epidemic (Modelling, Algorithms etc.)
  • Data Science and COVID-19
  • Statistical and econometric analysis - COVID-19
  • Soft Computing and COVID-19
  • Virology
  • Chemistry's response to COVID-19
  • COVID-19 and Natural Science
  • Physics of coronavirus transmission (Fluid mechanics, Simulation etc)

Manuscripts can be submitted through the online submission system (
If there is any difficulty in submission, manuscripts may be sent to

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