Call for Papers: Biological Science Issue



Mapana Journal of Sciences invites manuscripts associated with various aspects of science and technology adopted in human welfare and environment sustainability. Fast-track review process and quick online publications are assured.


Articles from the following topics dealing with application of science and technology in health and environment protection or any other related areas can be submitted.

  • Recent disease outbreaks in healthcare and their treatment
  • Biomedical waste treatment
  • Bioactive secondary metabolites production and purification
  • Food processing and preservation
  • Environmental conservation
  • Biopolymers production and applications
  • Biofuels production and their impact on global economy
  • Case studies on impact of health and environmental protection policies

Manuscripts can be submitted through the online submission system (
If there is any difficulty in submission, manuscripts may be sent to

Mapana Journal of Sciences

  • Important Dates

Submission Deadline    30.10.2020

Issue: 4 (October- December 2020)

Mapana Journal of Sciences