Immunization of Children


  • Y. Udya Bhaskara Rao Pasteur Institute of India



Immunizcion has been one Of the great Of century medicine for
prevention and control Of human and anirnal infectious diseases. The routine
immunization programs against childhood Save proved to be very successful
in both developed and developing countries. The Government Of India initiated the
Expanded Præram on immunization (EPO in 1978 Of providirg
immunization for c] the children against su voccine preventable diseases i.e.
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pettussis, Tuberculosis, Polio and Measles. The achievements
are remarkable and the incidences of these six diæases hove brought down
significantly 2000}. is administered to the mother either during
her pregnancy or prior to during the years to protect new
borne against neonatal tetanus. The global Polio eradication initiative began in
1988 World health Assembly, 1988) thrægh 2001 , the number of reported Polio
cases in world has been reduced by more than 99 percent from an estirnated
< 1000 caæs and number Of counties where pcEo is
from 125 b I O (MMWR, 2002).