Electronic-Ionic Conductivity of Lithium- Vanado- Phosphate Glasses


  • Eraiah B




The new glassesof glass system x Li 2 O-50 V 2 O 5 -(50-x) P 2 O 5 were prepared by using conventional melt quenching method. The densities of these glasses have been measured by Archimedes method and corresponding molar volumes have also been calculated. The conductivity of these glasses was measured as a function of temperature and composition. The variations of conductivity versus temperature follow Arrehenius type relationship. Conductivity decreases with increasing Li 2 O content and increase with increasing temperature. The calculated activation energy decreases up to 15mol% of Li 2 O, it increases from 15mol% to 30 mol% of Li 2 O and again it suddenly drops at 40 mol% of Li 2 O. This may be due to structural changes in glass network and these glasses exhibit both electronic and ionic conductivity.

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