Study of Atmospheric Instabilities through Radioactivity


  • Charan Kumar K



Radon and its progeny concentration are measured at 1m height from surface of Earth in the premises of National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Gadanki to observe the changes in activity concentration of radon particularly during instabilities that are occurring in the atmosphere. The measurements were carried out using AlphaGUARD and Alpha Progeny Meter for the measurement of radon and its progenies, respectively. It has been observed that, the changes in daily and weekly atmospheric radon levels are related to the stability or turbulence of the lower troposphere. The analysis reveals that from sunny windless days indicates growth and dissolution of the inversion layer. The study of radon concentrations during several atmospheric instabilities including period during Nilam cyclone, has shown interesting features, which are correlated with the conditions of stability or turbulence in the atmosphere.

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