Proton Induced X-ray Emission Studies Using Folded tandem Ion Accelerator (FOTIA) at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Trombay, Mumbai, India


  • Daisy Joseph Nuclear Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai, India



FOTIA, PIXE, Gemstones, Pottery Samples


The Folded Tandem Ion Accelerator (FOTIA) at Van De Graaff was used to study PIXE (Particle-induced X-ray Emission) using protons of energy 3-5 MeV. It has been used for a variety of applications from studying intensity ratios, biological samples (blood), rare earth, materials (gold standards), geological samples (gemstones) pottery samples and forensic samples (ink). This article attempts to elucidate the preparation methods of the samples, the detectors used, the analysis and the findings therein for different applications.


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