Mitigating Black Hole Attacks in AODV Routing Protocol Using Dynamic Graph

  • Arunangshu Pal Department of Computer Applications, NIT Durgapur,India.
  • Prasenjit Choudhury Department of Mathematics, NIT Durgapur,India.


With the advancement of wireless technologies, Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) has been an important field of study. MANETs find useful applications in the real world, for example in military battlefield and disaster management. Since MANET is dynamic in nature, it must be represented by dynamic graph. Evolving graph, a form of dynamic graph, may be used for the purpose. When we talk about a network, a routing protocol comes into the question, and one of the most popular routing protocols is AODV. However, since AODV suffers from a drawback that it may be a victim of black hole attack, we need to find a technique to eliminate the possibility of the phenomenon. This paper makes a study of MANET and an efficient way of representing MANET by dynamic graph. It explains the AODV routing technique and the black hole attack. It then extends the idea of dynamic graph to propose a technique to solve the problem of black hole attack in AODV.


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