Personality and Leadership as Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: A Study of Mining Company in Goa

  • Sonam J Gondlekar


This study investigates the relationship between personality factors, leadership and organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB), predict changes in OCB by personality and leadership, and analyze the influence of demographic variables (organizational tenure, educational qualifications, age, designation, gender and job status) on OCB, personality, leadership and their dimensions. The sample consisted of 203 employees from three units of Sesa Goa Ltd., a leading mining company in Goa. Three reliable and valid tools were employed for the assessment-Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, NEO Five Factor Inventory and Leadership Effectiveness scale. Results of correlation analysis indicated positive correlation between leadership (all dimensions) and OCB. Of five personality factors, extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness showed positive correlation while neuroticism was found to be negatively correlated with OCB. Furthermore, result of regression analysis unveiled that 18% variance in OCB is contributed by leadership and 11% by personality. Unit wise differences were also evident in OCB. An incidental analysis using One Way ANOVA and t test revealed significant influence of organizational tenure and educational level on OCB. No significant difference was noticed on leadership and any of its dimensions. This study provides guidelines to aid managers better understand how to enhance OCB.