Determinants of Organization Citizenship Behaviour: A Study on Professional College Teachers in Delhi/ NCR

  • Aditi Midha
  • Sanjeela Mathur
  • Jain MR


Organization Citizenship Behaviour (OCB), essentially is about actions in which employees transgress their prescribed role requirements. It is a major factor which effects organizational effectiveness and employee performance. The present paper will explore the determinants of organizational citizenship behaviour for professional college teachers in Delhi-NCR and suggest a concrete system to develop continual OCB. The paper will analyze, whether social expectations, desire for personal growth, values system, professional attitude and teaching methodology and skills have an effect on OCB of professional college/ institutes teachers? The total sample size of the study will be 125 professional college/ institute teachers of Delhi and NCR. This research is important for any professional college as this will have long term implication on college branding and most important will provide their students with a brilliant future as OCB is cost effective tool with brilliant r