Raymond – Weaving Magic on Indian Fabric

  • S Krishna Soujanya Aditya Global Business School, Andhra Pradesh
  • K Pavankumar Aditya Global Business School, Andhra Pradesh


This case encompasses all the Marketing Strategies of the Indian Suiting fabric specialist Raymond, the creator of the label “The Complete Man”. The case provides detailed account of company’s portfolio and brand building strategies which attributed to its unprecedented legacy. The case reviews the journey of Raymond and touches upon the core issues of branding. The case also sheds light on the induction of Key Employees and what role they played in steering the company forwards. The case not only dwells on the success but also on failed attempts of Raymond at different points in their journey .The case also acts as a thought provoker of various concepts like Cannibalisation.

Author Biographies

S Krishna Soujanya, Aditya Global Business School, Andhra Pradesh

Aditya Global Business School, Andhra Pradesh, India

K Pavankumar, Aditya Global Business School, Andhra Pradesh

Aditya Global Business School, Andhra Pradesh, India


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