Unsteady MHD Casson fluid flow past a semi-infinite vertical plate with thermal diffusion


  • V RAMANA REDDY JANKE Krishna Chaitanya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Markapur


Unsteady flow, Casson fluid, MHD, Radiation, Soret effect.


The process design engineers are concerned with efficient heat and mass transfer, in many engineering processes such as paper manufacturing, metal and polymer extrusion etc. Also, many industrial fluids are non-Newtonian. So, an attempt is made to discuss the unsteady MHD flow of a Casson fluid past a semi infinite vertical plate with thermal diffusion, radiation and heat absorption effects. Slip boundary constraints are also considered for this investigation. The governing partial differential equations are reduced into non-dimensional ordinary differential equations and solved analytically using perturbation technique. The effects of various non dimensional governing parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration fields along with the friction factor, local Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are discussed in detail and presented through graphs and tables. Moreover, it is seen  that higher values of the Soret number enhance the velocity and concentration profiles. It is also observed that the Schmidt number have tendency to enhance the mass transfer rate and radiation parameter have tendency to increase the thermal boundary layer thickness. It is also observed that our results are in well agreement with earlier results.


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