Aims and Scope of the Journal

Tattva Journal of Philosophy aims to facilitate critical study, in-depth reflection and analysis of issues, problems and concerns of human life, in order to further the directions and transformations human society needs to evolve into. Tattva publishes original articles in all areas of analytic and continental philosophy that are of general interest to academic philosophers, especially on societal and existential themes. Tattva-Journal of Philosophy includes philosophical reflections from Western and non-Western traditions with a specific focus on South and South-East Asia. From 2009 onwards, Tattva has striven to bring forth philosophical scholarship that aims to critically engage with contemporary issues from a philosophical point of view. Each issue includes a focal theme which is presented from different cultural and/or philosophical perspectives, and critically debate issues of concern connected to the theme. Tattva, in addition to publishing original articles, publishes book reviews that critically engage with recent publications as well.

Topics covered by Tattva Journal of Philosophy include but not limited to:

              - Aesthetics
              - Cultural Studies
              - Dialogue
              - Epistemology
              - Ethics (Moral Philosophy)
              - Historical Treatment of Philosophy
              - Logic
              - Metaphysics
              - Philosophy

              - Philosophy of Mind
              - Philosophy of Science
              - Political ethics
              - Religion