Upcoming Issue Theme [April – June 2022]: Green HRM


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Upcoming Issue Theme [April – June 2022]: Green HRM


Environmental Sustainability is the major concern of the World today. Business operations and activities plays a vital role in ensuring the environmental safety and sustainability. Failing that leads to boomerang effect on the underlying principles of business activities. Adoption of environmentally friendly practices in each and every possible aspect of business is the key to build a environmentally sound business. Green HRM is one of the major initiatives that could support the environment and society friendly business polices. Green HRM or otherwise called as GHRM is a new research dimension in the area of Human Resource Management which includes every facet of human resource management and directed towards the environmental sustainability. This Upcoming Issue will bring together theory, practice and applications of Green HRM.


Potential topics may include, but are not limited to:


  • Green HRM Initiatives
  • Green HRM Practices
  • Green HRM and Sustainable development
  • Environmental Behaviors and HRM
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Financial performance and sustainable HRM Practices
  • Personality attributes in Green initiatives
  • Organizational safety and Green practices
  • Green HRM Implementation
  • Green HRM practices and Employee engagement
  • Green HRM vs e-HRM
  • Digitalization and HRM
  • Bursting the Bubbles in Green HRM


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