The Problem of Nationalism, “Nigeria” As a Contested Category and the Quest for a Social Philosophy of National Integration

  • Philip Ogochukwu Ujomu University of Benin


This paper examines the problem of nationalism in Nigeria construed as the search for a basis on which the members of the society can claim a sense of belonging, identity and common purpose. There is a problem of the national question here because ethnicity, corruption, disobedience to law and order, disdain for the rule of law and accountability and the disregard for the value of human life have undermined the social order and eventually created an army of the vulnerable and marginal peoples that can be manipulated for parochial ends. The apparent underperformance of the various instruments of the state such as the police, national assembly, appointed ministers, law courts, prisons, etc, due to inefficiency, injustice, under-funding, politicization and social dissatisfaction have threatened the unity of Nigeria and highlighted deficits in the social order that have made Nigeria to appear as a contested construct or category. Given the above we seek a philosophical approach to building a social system or social philosophy of national integration.

Author Biography

Philip Ogochukwu Ujomu, University of Benin

Dept of Philosophy and Religions, Faculty of Arts, University of Benin, Benin-City, Nigeria