Call for Papers: Truth, Identity and Pluralism in Contemporary Society


January-June 2022 & July-December 2022 Issues

Theme: Truth, Identity and Pluralism in Contemporary Society

What constitutes as ‘the truth’ is an intriguing question and observation that varies extensively in philosophical discourse across its different domains. Truth is at times defined as a matter of identity between how things are and how one takes them to be. Pluralism in this context broadly can be understood as a system where people with these divergent ideas of truth and identity co-exist together in a peaceful environment with equal opportunities to participate in democratic processes. To pluralists, this diversity is exactly what they would define to be true. Such ideas shape the way our contemporary society functions and progresses. As a complex, yet fascinating area, this call for papers welcomes contributions from intellectuals, philosophers, researchers, theologians, and  policy makers  to explore the links between truth, identity and pluralism and define its impact on contemporary society from different theoretical, multi-disciplinary and methodological perspectives.

We welcome papers from a wide range of perspectives, on topics including but not limited to:

  • Religious plurality and claims of truth
  • Existentialism, Pluralism, and Identity
  • The Metaphysical truth of Being
  • Religion, Truth and National Identity
  • Pluralism, Culture and Social Conflict
  • Social Democracy, Pluralism and Truth

Please send your articles (4500-5000 words, including the footnotes) at the latest by 15 April 2021. Kindly include the abstract of the article in 150-200 words, 5-7 Keywords and a summary of the CV of the author in 100-150 words. Details of submission are on the webpage.

Note: The topics listed above or other relevant topics can deal with the particular context of a country or continent.

In the Journal, we also accept:

  • From the Archives – a reading of an old Tattva article and setting its value into current context
  • Book Review – A recent book review
  • Journal Club – a scholarly critique of a recent article
  • Interviews of top philosophers and scholars on contemporary topics

You should submit the articles through: