Moral Issues in Environmental Crisis: A Feminists Approach


  • Laimayum Bishwanath Sharma



Environmental crisis is one of the biggest problems of the world that involves moral issues. From different perspectives the crisis can be analyzed in order to find out a solution. This paper intends to highlight on feminists ethical theory with the aim of clarifying the standpoints of eco-feminism on the issues of environmental ethics. An attempt has been made to initiate a discussion about the issue of how environmental degradation and exploitation of nature became a feminist issue. The feminists‟ view on the relationship between women and nature has engaged with the debates in environmental ethics and politics, and has, at the same time, developed a counter argument against the domination over women and nature by man- folk as a political activism.

The contribution of women in resolving the issues relating to the environmental degradation is worth mentioning. It is observed more clearly in the women ‟s movement over the last few decades. It develops a new field of philosophical inquiry known as „eco - feminism‟. Eco-feminism is a social movement. It is a movement of women to protect natural processes. The feminists‟ discussion on the environmental crisis draws on the idea of a principle of sustainable livelihood as human developmental scheme.




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