Negative Memory, Art and the World Peace


  • Ignatius Bambang Sugiharto, PhD Parahyangan Catholic University



Art, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy, English, Negative Memory, World Peace, Peace, Memory


In the World agitated by terrorism, solidification of identity, paranoia, xenophobia and genocide, art indeed expresses the negativity, that is, the void, the chaos, or the spiritual blindness of the socio-cultural plight. But it also serves as a diagnostic tool for identifying the disease; a process of intensifying and heightening our perceptual awareness of the crises; a necessary visualization of the ciritical interface between body, mind and soul. Art renders palpabic the ugliness, the meanness, the unbearableness of life, and this, in turn, will open the possibility to see what ultimately is mroe desirable, the deeper mystery of the soul, what we usually call 'peace'. It is in this spiritual sense that art can serve as the negation of negation.

Author Biography

Ignatius Bambang Sugiharto, PhD, Parahyangan Catholic University

Professor Philosophy, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bendung, Indonesia




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Sugiharto, I. B. (2012). Negative Memory, Art and the World Peace. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 4(2), 31-40.