Mysticism in the Fractal Structure of the Universe


  • Binoy Pichalakkattu, PhD Indian Institute of Science and Religion, Pune, India.



Fractal Geometry, Mathematical Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy, English


In this paper a critical enquiry is made into the mystical dimension of science with specific reference to contemporary developments in fractal Geometry. The paper begins with a historical synthesis of the mystical roots of science to see how science lost its mystical nature, especially in the modern era, corresponding to the emergence of a dualistics world-view in philosophy. However, contemporary science, very specially 'fractals', takes us to a mystical realm in which the dichotomised world-views of matter-spirit, finite-infinite, microcosm and macrocosm are blurred. Such a mystical understanding re-defines and transcends the traditional understanding of mysticism which is confined to the sacred spheres.

Author Biography

Binoy Pichalakkattu, PhD, Indian Institute of Science and Religion, Pune, India.

Indian Institute of Science and Religion, Pune, India.


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Pichalakkattu, B. (2012). Mysticism in the Fractal Structure of the Universe. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 4(2), 121-138.