Hard, Harder, and the Hardest Problem: The Society of Cognitive Selves


  • Venkata Rayudu Posina NIAS-Consciousness Studies Programme, Bangalore, India




Category Theory, Consciousness and Mind, Monad Self


The hard problem of consciousness is explicating how moving matter becomes thinking matter. Harder yet is the problem of spelling out the mutual determinations of individual experiences and the experiencing self. Determining how the collective social consciousness influences and is influenced by the individual selves constituting the society is the hardest problem. Drawing parallels between individual cognition and the collective knowing of mathematical science, here we present a conceptualization of the cognitive dimension of the self. Our abstraction of the relations between the physical world, biological brain, mind, intuition, consciousness, cognitive self, and the society can facilitate the construction of the conceptual repertoire required for an explicit science of the self within human society.




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Rayudu Posina, V. . (2020). Hard, Harder, and the Hardest Problem: The Society of Cognitive Selves. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 12(1), 75-92. https://doi.org/10.12726/tjp.23.5