The Gift of Death as the Grand Narrative of Humanism: Towards an Inclusive Ethos for Co-realization


  • T J Abraham Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur.



Humanism, Religion, Ecology, Christianity, Eastern Thought, Poststructuralism, Western Thought


The celebrated western humanist tradition has its source in its early philosophical texts. In The Gift of Death, Derrida analyses the history of the emergence of ethical responsibility in the so-called Religions of the Book such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. While the humanist project helped itself through its conquest of the human sphere, it has served to upset the ecological balance and jeopardize sustainability. While searching for an inclusive vision for a sustainable, ethical perspective, Dōgen’s philosophy gains relevance in the contemporary context.

Author Biography

T J Abraham, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur.

Department of English, Scholl of Social Sciences and Humanities, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Neelakudy, Thirvarur, Tamil Nadu.


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