Philosophy of Liberal Nationalism in the context of Refugee Immigration


  • Shaheena Ahluwalia Chanakya National Law University, Patna.


Liberal Nationalism, Forced Migration, Liberalism & Nationalism


In recent times, the world has seen an explosion of episodes of forced migration. Whether the attack has been led by another State such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or by its own State such  as Myanmar ousting the Rohingyas; this international political reality of forced exit can neither be denied nor ignored. Consequent to the international political reality, some states have tightened their borders as they hold nationalist concerns against immigration of such kind. Their concern stems from the philosophy of nationalism which claims protection of borders and sovereignty, in light of influx of refugees and burden on the State. This paper aims to elaborate on the interaction of political and legal philosophy related to Liberalism and Nationalism. I put forward the hypothesis that the current reality of international politics - influx of victims of forced migration such as refugees should be rethought with the application of the philosophy of liberal nationalism. Liberalism and nationalism are two very different moral and political philosophies. Liberal claims protect individual freedom, advocate open borders, promote equality of all before law and consent of the governed. Nationalist philosophy promotes interests of the State, advocates devotion to the State, its ideology, culture and ethos. In the context of forced migration, the ideas of these disunited philosophies can be utilised to balance and accommodate the concerns of refugees, State and citizens. For this I will examine the philosophies of liberalism, nationalism and liberal nationalism which presents an inclusive form of nationalism. 

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Shaheena Ahluwalia, Chanakya National Law University, Patna.

Chanakya National Law University, Patna, Bihar.



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