Interrogating Hick’s View of Religious Pluralism

A Perspective from Yoga Philosophy


  • Kavita Chauhan University of Hyderabad
  • Venusa Tinyi



Religious Experience, Religious Pluralism, Religious Language, Ultimate Reality, Samādhi, Niruddha, Citta


A philosopher whose name has become almost synonymous with religious pluralism is John Hick. He justifies his position by borrowing insights and concepts from Immanuel Kant and Ludwig Wittgenstein. We argue that Kantian and Wittgensteinian frameworks are inadequate to explain and defend religious pluralism of the kind he advocates. We critically analyze the concepts of religious experience and religious language and then proceed to discuss Yoga school of Indian philosophy as a limiting case against his enterprise. 

Author Biography

Venusa Tinyi

Department of Philosophy

Univeristy of Hyderabad


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Chauhan, K., & Tinyi, V. (2023). Interrogating Hick’s View of Religious Pluralism : A Perspective from Yoga Philosophy. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 15(2), 77-97.