Religious Conversion of the Ethnic Minorities in the South of Vietnam


  • Truong Phan Chau Tam Vietnam National University



Religious conversion is a phenomenon that has frequently occurred in human history. As part of religious life, religious conversion reflects fluctuations and changes in social existence, especially changes in the economic, cultural, social, religious factors and one‟s own subjective religious convictions. Religious conversions are taking place in the ethnic communities in Southern Vietnam, but in a context that is space and time specific. So the process of evolution, the nature, dynamics and characteristics of the case of religious conversion here is different and unique. Currently, the study of religious conversion in Vietnam in general and the South in particular, is modest. There have not been many studies regarding case specific religious conversion of people and no studies have done a full assessment of the nature and characteristics of religious conversion on social life in Southern Vietnam as well as forecasted the evolution and impact of the same. This article is intended to present and describe three cases of religious conversion in the south of Vietnam. These are the conversion to Protestantism of ethnic communities Khmer (originating from Cambodia)

Author Biography

Truong Phan Chau Tam, Vietnam National University

PhD Student, Center for Religion Studies, The University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




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Tam, T. P. C. (2016). Religious Conversion of the Ethnic Minorities in the South of Vietnam. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 8(1), 27-44.