Beruf and Squirrel James/Weber: Improving Our Minds


  • Arkady Nedel University Paris-I Sorbonne



As a form of intellectual assault on traditional philosophical trends, pragmatism had appeared at the beginning of the 20th century both to show what is it like to solve the real epistemological problems and prevent us from possible blunders we can make in future. Weber and James, the two key thinkers, whose pragmatic moves towards the phenomenon of knowledge were revolutionary, will be of main interest in the present paper. Not all, of course, but just one aspect of pragmatism I wish to examine: how should we really conduct ourselves and share our ideas in order to elaborate a more adequate knowledge about the world?




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Nedel, A. (2015). Beruf and Squirrel James/Weber: Improving Our Minds. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 7(1), 17-33.