Concern for Future Generations: Some Perspectives


  • Sulagna Pal University of Delhi



The present research paper, entitled “Concern for Future Generations: Some Perspectives” begins with revisiting a number of ideas related with the future dressed generations from the perspective of Environmental Ethics. One of the scholarly works which I have addressed here: Work by Gregory S.Kavka who has explained the problem of future generations in the essay, “The Paradox of Future Individuals”. Moreover, I have tried to highlight the view points where the scholars been addressed, fundamentally coincide and differ from each other. In the concluding part of the paper I have brought into focus 'the Buddhist theory of kamma and how the actions performed by individuals have an impact on future generations. I have shown how the actions of an individual in the present may address our concerns about the future generations. Does kamma legitimize concern for the future generations?

Author Biography

Sulagna Pal, University of Delhi

MPhil Research Scholar, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, India




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Pal, S. (2015). Concern for Future Generations: Some Perspectives. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 7(2), 65-78.