Book Review: Comparative Constitutional Reasoni


  • Jayadevan S Nair School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, India





1. See accessed on 23-08-2018
2. The eighteen jurisdictions include the High Court of Australia , The Austrian Constitutional Court , The Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brazil, The Supreme Court of Canada, The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, The European Court of Human Rights, The European Court of Justice ,The French Constitutional Council , The German Federal Constitutional Court, The Constitutional Court of Hungary, The Supreme Court of Ireland, The Israeli Supreme Court, The Constitutional Court of Italy, The Constitutional Court of South Africa, The Spanish Constitutional Court, The Constitutional Court of Taiwan, The Supreme Court (House of Lords) of the United Kingdom, The Supreme Court of the United States.
3. CA6821/93United Mizrahi Bank Ltd. v. Midgal Coperative Village (1995)- the court identified a constitution for Israel
4. The full dataset based on which the analysis is based on is available at www. cambridge /9781107085589
5. The team calls it one-line conclusive argumentation, parallel conclusive arguments and parallel individually in conclusive but together conclusive arguments.




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