International Conference on Sustainable Development: Science, Technology and Human Rights



I. Equity and Social Justice: Inclusive Policies

- Ethical frameworks for technological innovation and scientific research
- Gender equality and minority rights in the context of technological advancements-
- Access to technology and digital equity
- Global equity and social justice
- Transitional justice and post conflict peacekeeping


II. Digital Privacy and Digital Inclusion: Access to Technology

- Technological Expansion: A Threat to Life on the Planet
- Data Theft: Invasion to Right to Privacy
- Impact of Digital Inclusion on Education
- Obscenity: Need to relook the Laws for Virtual platform
 - Cross Border Terrorism: Human Rights Issue
- Delinquent Behavior due to the Influence of Media
- Ethics of Whistleblowing
- Global Perspectives on Surveillance Ethics

III. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Access to Healthcare and Medical Technologies

- Human rights implications of emerging technologies (e.g.,artificial intelligence, biotechnology)
- Ethical Considerations in Human Enhancement
- Genomic Data Privacy and Security
- Patient Advocacy and Empowerment
- Bioethics and Access

IV. Nuclear Issues- Effect on Environmentand Sustainable Development

- Ethical frameworks for technological innovation and scientific research to sustain environment getting
  affected by nuclear issues
- International cooperation and knowledge-sharing for sustainable development through technology
  among countries
- Effect of Economic Disparities on Global Warming
- Nuclear Technology, Environment, and Sustainable Resource Management
- Human Rights, Climate Change and Displacement caused by production of Nuclear energy

V. Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: Digital Divide

- AI-Powered Healthcare Disparities
- AI and Social Justice Movements
- AI Bias and Discrimination
- Informed Consent and Privacy Notices


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