Rajan Gurukkal on Indian Higher Education: Quality, Excellence in Neoliberal Times


  • Rolla Das, Dr Christ University




Rajan Gurukkal, Indian Higher Education, Quality of Education, Excellence in Education, Neoliberal Philosophy, Neoliberal Environment


Rajan Gurukkal is a leading social scientist and is currently the Sundararajan Visiting Professor at Centre for Contemporary Studies, Indian Institute of Science. He has been the former Vice Chancellor, M. G. University, Kottayam, Kerala. An avid reader, critical theorist and a prolific writer, he has authored several monographs, research articles and has been actively engaged with several projects in association with UGC, the Ford Foundation to name a few. His research interests explore the historiographic dimensions and dialectical processes involving the state and society. He can be reached at rgurukkal@gmail.com

Author Biography

Rolla Das, Dr, Christ University

Christ Univeristy, Bengaluru, India


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