Four Narratives and the Enigma of Alterity


  • Etienne Rassendren St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru, India



In this article, the author intends to explore the concept of alterity as otherness through an analysis of four highly differentiated narratives drawn from varied textual sources. The paper argues that alterity is depicted in four different and fluid meanings, namely those of separation, difference, assimilation and co-option, constituting enigmas of alterity. In conclusion, the author comments on the cultural-political process, by which these enigmatic constructs are produced and identifies and explains coercion and consent as the hegemonic impetus for its unfolding presence in current cultural-politics.

Keywords: Alterity and Otherness, Enigmas of Alterity, Assimilation and Co-option




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Rassendren, E. . (2020). Four Narratives and the Enigma of Alterity. Tattva Journal of Philosophy, 12(1), 37-58.