Rational United Process Part - II Best Practices for Software Development Team


  • Manoj Tharian Micro Genesis Tech Soft, Bangalore




One Of the major problems with most business engineering efforts, is frat the
software engineering and the business engineering community do not communicate
properly With each other. This leads to that the Output from business engineering is
not used properly as input to the software development effort, and viceversc. The
Rational Unified Process addresses this by providing a common language and
process for both communities, cs we" os showing how to create and maintain
direct traceability between and soft-wore rnodels.
In Business Modeling we document business processes using so called business
use cases. This assures a common understanding among a" stakeholders Of What
business process needs to be supported in the organization. The business use
cases cre analyzed to understand how the business should support the I O business
processes. This is documented in a business object-model.
Many projects may choose not do modéing.
The goal Of the Requirements workaow is 'o describe What the system should do
and allows the agree on that description. TO achieve