Analysis of electrical measurements oncadmium chloridedoped PVA-PVP blend

  • Basavarajeshwari M Baraker Karnatak University's Karnatak Science College
  • Blaise Lobo Karnatak University's Karnatak Science College
Keywords: Electrical conductivity, VRH model, Cadmium Chloride, PVA-PVP blend, Arrhenius relation


Films of Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) - Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVP) blend, doped withcadmium chloride (CdCl2) from 0.5 wt% up to 40 wt% andprepared by solution casting method,were studied using temperature dependent direct current (DC)electrical measurements. The DC electrical data were analyzed using Variable Range Hopping (VRH) modelin the temperature range varying from 303K up to 318K. The Mott parameters are determined. The study of time evolution of current passing through the sample, when a constant voltage is applied across it reveals that ions are the majority charge carriers, but the role of electrons in charge transport cannot be neglected. The activation energy (Ea) for mobility of charge carriers has been calculated from VRHand Arrhenius models.

Author Biographies

Basavarajeshwari M Baraker, Karnatak University's Karnatak Science College

Karnatak University's Karnatak Science College, Dharwad, Karnataka, India

Blaise Lobo, Karnatak University's Karnatak Science College

Karnatak University's Karnatak Science College, Dharwad, Karnataka, India


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