Optical Properties of Silver-Vanadium-Phosphate Glasses


  • B Eraiah Bangalore University




The glasses with the composition of xAg2O-50V2O5-(50-x)P2O5 (where x = 5,10,15,20,30 and 40 mol%) were synthesized using melt quenching technique and their optical properties were carried out through UV-Visible spectrophotometer. The absorption spectra of these glasses were recorded at room temperature in the wavelength range 200-1100nm. The optical band gap energies were calculated using Tauc plot. The calculatedenergy band gap values are ranging from 2.075 to 2.834 eV. The refractive index and polarizabilities of oxide ions have been calculated using Lorentz-Lorentz relation. The calculated refractive index and polarizabilities of these glasses in the range of 2.443 to 2.703 and 9.8877×10-24 to 13.590×10-24cm3.

Author Biography

B Eraiah, Bangalore University

Department of Physics, Bangalore University, Bengaluru-560056, India


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