Studies on the Wetland Biodiversity and Conservation with reference to Habitat, Prey Abundance and Foraging by Two species of Herons

  • Abdul Azees Thayyil Bharathiar University
  • Seedikkoya Seedikkoya Bharathiar University


Kerala is the one of the green states of India and is well known for its wetlands. The present study is based on abundance of food and foraging by two species of herons (median egret and large egret) in different type of wetland habitats of Malappuram, Palakkad and Kozhikode districts, Kerala, India. Both the large egret and median egret are piscivorous. During non-breeding season the most preferred habitat of large egret (Egretta alba-37.44%) and median egret (Egretta intermedia-62.56%) are the coastal area and riverine habitats. During breeding season they prefer human habitation with close proximity of riverine habitats and lakes where they build their nests. Utilisation of different habitats, various foraging strategies employed by the species, threats to the wetland in the study area and need for their conservation are also highlighted.

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Bharathiar University Coimbatore, India


Bharathiar University


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