Effective Atomic Number and Kerma for Photon Energy Absorption of Organic Scintillators

  • Anil Shantappa S M Hanagodimath


An attempt has been made to calculate the effective atomic number and Kerma for photon energy absorption of organic scintillators in the energy region 1 keV to 20 MeV. We have chosen seven organic scintillators viz., anthracene, stilbene, naphthalene, p -terphenyl, PPO, butyl PBD and PBD. The Z PEA, eff and Kerma values are calculated by using mass-energy absorption coefficient from Hubbell and Seltzer. We also calculated Z PI, eff for total photon interaction with coherent scattering by using WinXCom and compared with the Z PEA, eff.