Comparative Study of Shallow Solar Ponds with Different Depths

  • K Shanmugasundaram B Janarthanan


In this paper, an attempt has been made to design and construct the shallow solar ponds with different depths such as 0.06 m and 0.15 m at Coimbatore (11 ͦ - latitude and 77 ͦ - longitudes), Tamilnadu, and India. The experiments have been carried out during the period from January-March 2012. The energy balance equations have been written for different elements of the two shallow solar ponds such as upper glass cover, lower glass cover and pond water and solved analytically. The performance of the two shallow solar ponds has been compared and found that the maximum temperature of the pond water in different depths (0.06 m and 0.15 m) of shallow solar pond is found to be 57  C and 42  C.