Applications of IRS and INSAT Data with Specific Case Studies

  • Balakrishnan Manikiam


Indian satellite programme has over the past three decades achieved operational capability in the area of remote sensing. The Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites are developed towards providing data for natural resources survey and management. Techniques have been developed to retrieve several parameters related to land, ocean and atmosphere. Since the launch of IRS 1A in early 80’s, the technology has improved to achieve satellite imagery with resolution of 1 meter. The Indian National satellite (INSAT) system is made up of geostationary satellites towards monitoring and study of weather over the Indian region. The INSAT data is operationally used for study of monsoon onset, cyclone prediction and forecast of severe weather conditions. The paper portrays a few unique case studies using IRS and INSAT data. The satellite data is proving to be very useful in study of the global changes and possible impacts.