Characterization and Electrical Conductivity of Electron Beam Irradiated Metal Phthalocyanine Complexes


  • Ashok R Lamani H S Jayanna



Variation of DC electrical conductivity with temperature from 273-473 K of electron beam irradiated Tetra-nitro zinc, and Cu-Pcs,   were carried out. It   shows semiconductor behavior and resistivity varies from 0.043×10 5 Ω -cm to 64.61×10 5 Ω -cm for all complexes. Variation of conductivity with temperature shows two straight lines of different slopes the first line (LT), resembles the α– phase, (Ea 1 ) = 0.226 eV while the second line at 362 K resembles the β - phase (Ea 2 ) = 0.460 eV (for Cu- Pcs). The β -phase shows higher activation energy than the α -phase, and the X-ray diffraction studies reveal that the crystals are monoclinic. The conductivity is explained on the basis of Davis and Mott model. The conduction mechanism at lower temperature is explained in terms of hoping through a band of localized states and at higher temperatures in terms of thermal excitation of carriers to the band edge.

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