Effect of Rotational Modulation on Rayleigh – B´enard Convection in a Couple Stress Liquid

  • S Pranesh CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  • Sangeetha George K Christ Academy Institute For Advanced Studies, Bengaluru Karnataka
Keywords: Rotational Modulation, couple stress fluid, Rayleigh-B´enard convection, correction Rayleigh number


The Rayleigh-B´enard convection in a couple stress liquid with rotational modulation is studied using the linear analysis based on normal mode technique. The stability of a horizontal layer of fluid heated from below is examined when, in addition to a steady rotation, a time-periodic sinusoidal perturbation is applied. The expression for Rayleigh number and correction Rayleigh number are obtained using regular perturbation method. The expression for correction Rayleigh number is obtained as a function of frequency of modulation, Taylor number, Couple Stress parameter and Prandtl number. It is observed that rotational modulation leads to delay in onset of convection. Rotation modulation is an example of external control of internal convection.


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