On Some Structural Properties of $G_{m,n}$ Graphs

  • Ivy Chakrabarty Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, Bangalore


This is the continuation of the study on an undirected graph $G_{m,n}$ where vertex set $V=I_n=\{1,2,3,\cdots,n\}$ and $a,b\in V$ are adjacent if and only if $a\neq b$ and $a+b$ is not divisible by $m$, where $m(>1)\in \mathbb{N}$. In the present paper we computed the diameter, Weiner index, degree distance, independence number of the graph $G_{m,n}$. We also studied the complement of the graph $G_{m,n}$.

Author Biography

Ivy Chakrabarty, Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, Bangalore

Department of Mathematics, Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, Bangalore-560048, India


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