Mixed Convection Flow over a Vertical Cone with an Applied Magnetic Field

  • K R Jayakumar Department of Mathematics, K S School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore – 560062, India.
  • A h Srinivasa Department of Mathematics, Maharaja Institute of Technology , Mysore, Belawadi – 571438, India.
  • A T Eswara Department of Mathematics, PES College of Engineering, Mandya – 571401, India.


An analysis is performed to investigate the mixed convection flow over a vertical cone with an applied magnetic field when the axis of the cone is in line with the flow. The results have been obtained for assisting and opposing flows. The partial differential equations governing the non-similar flow have been solved by an implicit finite difference scheme in combination with the quasilinearization technique. Numerical results are reported here to account the effects of magnetic field in presence of buoyancy parameter at different stream wise locations on skin friction and heat transfer coefficients.


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