Characterization of Super Strongly Perfect Graphs in Chordal and Strongly Chordal Graphs

  • R Mary Jeya Jothi Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • A Amutha Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Keywords: Super strongly perfect graph, minimal dominating set, domination and co-domination numbers and chordal graphs.


A Graph G is Super Strongly Perfect Graph if every induced sub graph H of G possesses a minimal dominating set that meets all the maximal complete sub graphs of H. In this paper, we have investigated the characterization of Super Strongly Perfect graphs using odd cycles. We have given the characterization of Super Strongly Perfect graphs in chordal and strongly chordal graphs. We have presented the results of Chordal graphs in terms of domination and co - domination numbers γ and . We have given the relationship between diameter, domination and co - domination numbers of chordal graphs. Also we have analysed the structure of Super Strongly Perfect Graph in Chordal graphs and Strongly Chordal graphs.


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