a Comparative analysis of larvicidal efficacy of Silver and Copper nanoparticles synthesized leaf extract of Ocimum basilicum against Epilachna vigintioctopunctata

Biocontrol of E.vigintioctopunctata


  • Chitharanjan Sundareswari Research Scholar
  • Sudarmani D.N.P Assistant Professor
  • Jayadurkga S Research scholar


Abstract: The present study was based on assessments of the larvicidal activities to determine the efficacy of synthesized silver and copper nanopartcils using aqueous leaf extract of Ocimum basilicum(OB) against larvae and adult Epilachna vigintioctopunctata. Larvae and adults were exposed to varying concentrations of aqueous extract, Silver and copper nanoparticles synthesized extract of O.basilicum for 24 hrs. AgNPs and CuNPs were synthesized using the leaf extract of O.basilicum and the formaton of nanoparticles was observed within 6h. Synthesis nanoparticles were confirmed by UV-vis spectrophotometer, Particle size analyzer and FTIR. The phytochemicals present in leaf extract were examined by GC-MS study. LC50 and LC90 values were calculated for larvicidal activity of aqueous leaf extract, AgNPs and CuNPs synthesized leaf extract of O.basilicum. Results were compared between larvicidal activity of aqueous extract, AgNPs and CuNPs synthesized leaf extract. CuNPs synthesized leaf extract showed slightly less larvicidal activity than AgNPs synthesized leaf extract.


Author Biographies

Sudarmani D.N.P, Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology, ANJAC

Jayadurkga S, Research scholar

Department of Zoology



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