Sigma Chromatic Number of Some Graphs


  • Preethi K Pillai NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry
  • J Suresh Kumar



σ− coloring, Sigma Chromatic number, Barbell Graph, Twig graph, Shell graph, Tadpole, Lollipop


The Sigma coloring  of a graph G with n vertices is an injection from V(G) to {1,2,3...,n}  such that the color sums (adding  the colors of the neighbouring vertices) of any two neighbouring vertices are different. The smallest number  of  colours  needed  to color a graph G  is represented by its Sigma Chromatic number. In this article  we obtain the sigma -coloring of some graphs such as Barbell Graph, Twig graph, Shell graph,Tadpole, Lollipop, Fusing all the vertices of cycle and duplication of every edge by a vertex in cycle.


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