Features of Projectile Motion in Quantum Calculus


  • Pintu Bhattacharya L. N. College, B. R. A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar




projectile, quantum calculus, q-derivative, q-exponential, 2-D projectile


In this paper, the equation of motion of a projectile in a resistive medium is revisited in view of quantum calculus. Quantum calculus, abbreviated as -calculus, is a recently recognized unconventional type of calculus in which q-derivatives of a real function can be obtained without limit. In order to describe the motion of a 2-D projectile, vertical and horizontal components of velocity in terms of -differential equations are presented in accordance with the exact classical expressions. The solutions are obtained in terms of the small-exponential function. Features of a projectile are also deducted one by one for relevance.  It is also found that, when the parameter the present solutions and all the features take the form as they are in general Newtonian classical mechanics.


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