Dirac Particle in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Field


  • B. A. Kagali Department of Physics, Bangalore University, Bengaluru, India-560056
  • T. Shivalingaswamy P.G. Department of Physics, Maharani’s Science College for Women (Autonomous), Mysore, India-570005
  • Felan Amal St. Philomena,s College (Autonomous), Mysore




Bound States, Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields, Landau Levels, Dirac Equation, Landau Gauge


Electromagnetic forces play a critical role in shaping the trajectories of charged particles, affecting their movement
across scales ranging from subatomic dimensions to distances smaller than astronomical ones. This study focuses
on the behaviour of a charged spin-half particle exposed to a perpendicular electric and magnetic field. We analyze the associated eigenfunctions and eigenvalues using the Landau gauge. The non-relativistic and classical limits align with the standard results.


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